Billy (Black), Daisy (Black, Grey and White), Emmy (Black and White spotted) & CoCo (Brown and white spotted)

Billy & Daisy are twins, and were born in May 2016 and Emmy & CoCo are from the same home, but have different fathers; they were born in March 2017.

Billy, Daisy, CoCo & Emmy are all Pygmy Goats.  Pygmy Goats are very much like 'general' goats, but smaller.  They must be with more than one other goat, as Pygmy Goats LOVE company and to play!


All of our goats love the sun, and sometimes like to roll in the dust.  They eat grass and as a treat have a 'special' Pygmy Goat food in the mornings and at Night.


Hello all, it is me again, Billy!!  So, I have gone through some of my tummy problems; which I’m sure you found riveting, but now I’m going to chat about something else, or should I say someone else, my window friend, Bob. 

He is an unlikely character to like small, cute animals like myself.  But, I notice he does a lot for me.  We play hide and seek every morning, I hide indoors and he tries to find me.  Actually, I’ve learnt how to get through the dog flap.  Every morning, I make a dash from my shed to the house and throw myself through the dog flap to go and see Nat, Kevin and if I can fill my belly with cabbage, my window friend, Bob staggers after me in aid to shoo me out and take me up to the café for my breakfast.  

Every day, he brings me cuttings from the garden for me to eat and then sits and gives me a brush.  He brushes my sister, Daisy too and the annoying ones, but I’m always first!

He puts up an umbrella when the sun is out, so I don’t get too hot and again when it’s wet, so I don’t get my feet wet. 

The job he loves most of all is cleaning out my homes.  How do I know he likes this the most….??  Well, he’s on his hands and knees, I think it’s so he can chat to me and let me go on his back (I like to help); he has this scrunched up look on his face and his hand over his mouth and nose whilst picking up my poo, I think he’s trying to contain his excitement!  The main thing is…I like my window friend, Bob!  And, I would like to thank him for everything he does for me! 


Love Billy


It’s been a long time since Nat and I have been here.  Hello again! She says she’s been number crunching…eeww, numbers sound horrid…cabbage is MUCH better…nom, nom, nom!

So..what’s been going on?  The Broken Egg is one year old, my window friend, Bob is back for a visit, little cows are being born on the farm, I’ve got a fan in Australia AND it’s been windy!


NO!!! I’ve not been windy; my shed ended up on its top and squashed my climbing frame!  I’m hoping my friend, Bob will rebuild my shed and some more toys whilst he’s here.  I’ve put the designs to Bob, but he says it’s too cold to faff around outside, so I have to wait until the summer.  What I don’t think Bob appreciates is how keen I am on home improvements…I’ve already put a hole in the back of the shed, ready for him to start the extension…..Watch this space folks!!


Hello to my friend in Oz; Nat says that Oz is down under, so…’s an upside down photo for you (it's me chilling on my beanbag).

Love Billy



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